Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Satisfaction and Value

Jazzy Rhyme I Wrote the Other Night

I wanna sing a little song that I just wrote for you
If you ever sit and question what life means to you
But before I go much further with philosophy
Do you think about, who you're meant to be?

Satisfaction and value based on expectations
And they try to monetize your creations
How do you quantify all your worth
Can you tell me now, what do you put first?

Life is the prime value
And its measured in time
With output based on input
Perception is prime
Time wasted is lost
Never to be seen again
So don't waste your time
I warn you my friend. 

It's just a little ditty off the top of my head
But if we dont wake up soon, our future is dead
I speak with love but with much urgency
This is not about what you think of me

Like it or not my words are making you think
My names on your lips, I'll just give you a wink
Cause your words cannot hurt me, my soul it is free
Can't waste my time with negativity