Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Spoken Word by Ashley Hale

You’re beautiful, wonderful, unique and divine
Intelligent and precious, you’re one of a kind
Do you ever stop and think about the power of words?
The impactful experience of all we have heard?
My wombyn, my sisters, colleagues, and friends
I tell you these things in an attempt to mend
The broken hearts and lies we tend to defend
The cyclical injustice with seemingless end.
I tell you these things, cause the world does not care
When they judge your beauty by the style of your hair
But our makeup is more than what we wear on our face
It runs so deep, it cannot be erased
In your veins runs the blood, of the women of our past
Through education and strength, their pain will not last
Their beauty lies in their vibrant contrast
Let us learn from this, for its time to recast
The mold we’ve been told most hold us fast
Its time to reevaluate the power of a word
They draw their strength from the meanings inferred
This power does not come from the letters that make it
It comes in reception, how we choose to take it
So when you hear these words of negativity
Strip them of their power, do not let them be
Just because it is spoken, doesn’t mean that its true
Just because it’s directed, doesn’t apply it to you
Think about your experience, and all you’ve been through
Only then may we attempt to finally construe
The value of self, that comes from the internal
Forsaking the lies of oppressors external
Youre beautiful, wonderful, unique and divine
Intelligent and precious, youre one of a kind
Like all other words, these have no power
The impact they have, you choose in this hour
But insult or praise, we tend to devour
The judgments that others choose to shower
So who will you be, we all must choose
Stop playing their game and you cannot lose
Sight of what’s right, lets stop this abuse.

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