Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Shadows Shake

Shadows Shake
Spoken Word By Ashley Hale

You’re a different kind than I’ve ever known
But somehow I just feel at home
When you pull me in to your embrace
There’s a passion I can barely take.
No tangible reason can explain why I
So long to have you in my life
The time flys by when I’m with you
And theres nothing else I’d rather do
Then rest in the comfort of your arms
Falling victim to your childish charms
Losing sight of the worlds ambitions
To find your heart is my only mission.
For you to let down all your walls
I see a glimmer but I want it all
I promise if you just let me in
I’ll be so much more than your friend
Anything you want, whatever you need
I’ll be the post on which you lean
I really don’t know what the future holds
But if it’s time I’ll be so bold
To tell you just how much I really care
And pray to God you’ll still be there
When the morning breaks and the shadow shake
And we discover exactly what our future will make

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