Thursday, October 13, 2011

A New Dream

A New Dream
Spoken Word by Ashley Hale

Waking up from this nightmare of dreams, 
I look around me nothing is as it seems.
All these people going about their lives, 
With smiles on their face, but pain in their eyes?
We've lost the meaning of what it means to be alive.
We've lost ourselves behind commercialized lies. 
We're giving up on our own potential, 
Because we've lost the sight, of what's truly consequential. 

We are the youth, but the youth has no age. 
So spark the fire that is the passion to change. 
Pursuing happiness but we don't know the way. 
So will you listen to this dream I convey?

The first step is to awaken your soul, 
So disregard what you have ever been told. 
We're raised conditioned to the cultural norms, 
But that does not mean that you need to conform. 
To change results you must change what you're doing. 
Open your eyes to realize what you're viewing. 
Care more about others, and less about yourself, 
'Cause to get out alive, we all need the help. 
So stand up, and dust the webs out of your brain. 
If you start to use it, things will never be the same. 
Don't blindly follow, don't blindly resist
Because an educated mind is much stronger than a fist. 
And there's nothing more stunning than the chaos of the truth. 
Seeing people as they are, and not just what they do. 
When you see past the difference it begins to unroll, 
We're more similar than different when it comes to the soul. 
And when I look into a sea filled with faces unknown, 
To you I'm unfamiliar, in you I see my own.
Why do we fight against each other? We're all fighting for our lives.
Yet they're killing distant brothers, and their mothers, and their wives. 
Can we unclassify the original connotations, 
Don't divide us up, but admire our creations. 
Taking fate into our hands, no greater power to be known. 
Looking out to solve our problems, but the answer's homegrown. 

I feel it rising up in me, 
This haunting little dream. 

It's time I showed you what it means to be alive. 
Consciously aware of the value of our lives?
The power's in your hands, use it or you lose it. 
But this is YOUR life, and no one else can choose it. 
And when you find your worth, don't neglect the worth of others!
It's time we built up, our sisters and our brothers!
A conscious community, nothing could be so perilous, 
As young minds united, a new cultural genesis. 
Don't tell me sky's the limit when there's footprints on the moon.
We've spent the morning preparing but now it's high noon. 
And I see this dream that haunts me everyday. 
But the force remains dormant till we yield it the right way. 

We are the youth, but the youth has no age.
So spark the fire that is the passion to change. 
Not pursuing happiness, we make out own. 
And for the year of naivity, we see to atone. 

It's amazing what we can accomplish when we set out to do it. 
With conviction in our step, we step right through it. 
A ReLOVEution, we revolutionize love. 
Creating a generation we can be proud of. 
Requiem for a dream? But the dream is still alive. 
It lives within me, but I don't keep it inside, 
Because a dream without action will never be realized. 
But in action it's our dream that serves as our guide. 

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