Friday, July 20, 2012

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Writings on the Wall - 
Like a Graffiti artist, my words are my paint
I convey the images trapped in my mind
Music is my souls sweetest escape
And the keys to the shackles are my rhyme
Like it or lump it, your opinion won't phase me
I'm self-validated, but don't want you to praise me
At the end of the day, here are my writings on the wall
Its your choice to look or to hate it all
This is not about you and all about me
My soul manifested in the words that you see
So enjoy, or don't it's really your choice
Just know your opinion won't silence my voice. <3

Welcome, friends, family, loved ones all! 

Reflecting on my life, I have realized I am blessed with a unique set of skills and life experience that I want to share with my loved ones. So this is my attempt to get all my thoughts and experiences out of my head and onto some kind of medium to share.

Einstein said, "If you can't explain it simply you don't understand it well enough." I think there are alot of people out there that have alot of knowledge, but the key to spreading that knowledge is putting it in a way people understand. And I'm sure I'll get to my opinions of communication and how to improve it later, but for now, enjoy. :)



Because everyone could use a little TLC in their life, here's my home base to the things I love.  

Life lessons and truths, tricks, concepts, and explanations - The Lessons I feel I have learned as to share them with my little sisters, and loved ones, and anyone else who would care to listen. 

A collection of my writings, poems, and songs. Hopefully to soon be accompanied by some mastered tracks from my mixtape! The Element of Surprise (Coming Soon, Heehee) 

Navigating the rapidly changing social media landscape to maximize social entrepreneurship and take control of our own economic future. 

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