Monday, March 19, 2012

Time - Stream of Consciousness

My time here is almost out / trying to summarize what I’m all about /
But when I think it comes in rhyme / So I think & write to fill my time /
Then I fall short when I try to convey / The words I wish to somehow say /
Anxiety grows & frustration too / How do I communicate all this to you /
My rhymes are simple, my thoughts complex / So tired now, but I do my best /
For one last push, I’m almost done / To escape the rain and bask in the sun /
My mind wanders so, and I try to focus / But I get so bored when I feel I know this /
& my mind won’t stop, it runs incessantly / So I put pen to paper to get it out of me /
Why do I write what none will read? / How will I find the peace I need? /
Not enough hours in each day / With no one to listen and so much to say /
But I don’t do this for you, I do it for me / Stuck in my head it’s all consuming /
Trying to go through the motions & do as I’m told / But my soul is too free, my colors too bold /
I’ve done all they’ve asked, for 21 years / 17 years a student, conquering my fears /
I love to learn, and knowledge is power / But I grow weary in the Eleventh Hour /
“Senioritis” they say, I call it exhaustion / I’ve baked the cake now I’m stuck on the frostin /
I’m losing time, I just want to rest  / But perseverance is what I do best /
So please quiet, dear mind, I beg you to focus / I need your strength or the workload will choke us /
I’ve made it so far & I’m not turning back / Ordained with my scars, I’m on the attack /
So excited for the future, but I can’t speed up time / So this time that I have, I must make it mine /
I can’t change the future any more than the past / So I must live in the moment for memories that last /
Yet my mind races forward, a blessing and a curse / I hope it gets better, I won’t let it get worse /
Caught off guard by this man, right out of my dreams / Swept me of my feet, & understands what I mean /
He calms me down, when anxiety is high / & I feel like a princess when I’m with this guy/
He kills me so softly, on his nylon string / And I can’t wait to see what the future will bring /
But when I’m with him, I lose track of time / Which I must reclaim and make it mine /
I perform under pressure, since I was young / So it’s time to shine and have some fun /
Going out in a blaze, with a trail at my feet / As I spread my love with everyone I meet /
I’ve made a difference here, & of that I’m so proud / But as I enter the world I’m about to get loud /
I will change the world, if you believe me or not / Setting out to teach all that I’ve been taught /
Investing in community, and watching it grow / Makes me feel richer than you’ll ever know /
I can’t wait for my family, and to be a mother / To teach and love like there’s been no other /
But until that time I must regain attention / I have so much to do, if I failed to mention /
And now that I have it out of my brain / I do not feel I’m so insane /
My mind is cleared, my thought renewed / I know just what I need to do /

3:30 Pm

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